Full Circle - Back to Oneness

The Full Circle in collaboration with Northstar Crystals - Mind Body Spirit 9th April 2022. Day 1.

April 17, 2022

We were so grateful to be invited back to the Northstar Crystals - Mind Body Spirit event at the John Fretwell Centre in Mansfield (the first of 2022). We are so lucky to be able to experience the many talks and demonstrations throughout the day. We get to speak to many interesting people and make lots of new podcast family. We hope you enjoy looking back on this first video as you relive some of the demonstrations and talks. Thank you Erick and the Northstar Crystal family for welcoming us back. We look forward to seeing you all again in October.

Anglie Zillah SSHAC
Sacred Sound Healing Arts Centre - Drumming
Angela Barker - Fenix Flames
Claudine West - Earth Tree Healing
Iza Moon - Shamanic Sound Healing
Jacqui de Rose - Jacqui de Rose Art
Angela Barker - Candle Magic
Joshna Patel DRU Yoga
Julie Gator - Yanga Yoga
Yanga Yoga Demonstration
Erick Henderson - Northstar Crystals
Wa Na Nee Chee - Back to Humanity
Wa Na Nee Chee - Talk
Vala Stiorra -Witchcraft Talk
Jan Muse - Plant Magic
Roger Barrett - The Power of Words
Shane Darbey - Crystal Skull Readings
Yala Stiorra - Friggas Witchy Emporium
Iza Moon - Shamanic Healing Music Demonstration

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