Full Circle - Back to Oneness

Retford Ghost Hunters with Rachel and Gary.

April 9, 2022

What a fun episode to release today. A few months ago we had the great pleasure of recording with Rachel and Gary from the awesome Retford Ghost Hunters (based in Retford UK). It is fascinating to listen to the beginnings of the team and how Rachel came to bring the group together. We get to ask plenty of questions including the favourite places they have been and the scary investigations they have been on. Rachel and Gary tell us about future plans and where they would love to carry out an investigation (Suggestions and invitations are very welcome). Rachel and Gary describe some of the equipment that they use. We hope you enjoy listening to this exciting episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. As usual, the conversation is organic and delves into many other interesting topics. 

You can find and follow the Retford Ghost Hunters here: 


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